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Yo el Rey - And One For The Doctor

Ironrat - Eye Lucifer
Voltage now offers a spacious video studio with options of white or black backgrounds or green-screen. The room is equipped with stage lighting for 'live' style video shoots and studio lighting with flexible options. Location shoot information and full price details are available on request.

Clients include: Yo el Rey (Chalkman Video), Ironrat (Boylan Media), The Sneakypeeks (2-Man Films), Mispelt (ex-Defenestration), My Dying Bride, The Escapades, This EtAl, The Kingcrows, Marry Another, One Man Stand.

We also produced the short films, 'A Few Circles In The Water' by Michael Stewart, featuring James Foster and Brookside's Steven Pinder and 'The Reason' in conjunction with Chalkman Video and also the short film 'Floored' in conjunction with Boylan Media.

We have varied lighting available, including DMX controlled LED floods, strobes and pin spots We also have a smoke machine and wind machine for special effects.

The Escapades - Honkytonk Feeling

Floored - Short Film