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We have a compact concert P.A. system, suitable for large pubs and small music venues.

Soundcraft EPM 12, 16 channel mixer, t-Amp 800 driving one pair of Mackie C300z 12" speakers and one pair of 1x15" bass bins, Alesis Microverb 2.
2 x Laney powered monitor wedges
Shure SM58'S, Beyer M300'S, AKG C418's, AKG D110.
Stage lighting available on request.

The P.A. is loud for its size and works well in a variety of venues. Clients include Ironrat, Dragonforce, Vanilla Pod, Nailed, The Really Hot Chilli Peppers, The Escapades, Marseille and many more.
Prices vary, depending on how many bands on the bill and travelling distances involved.

Please phone or email for a quote.
(Sound engineer is included)
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