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We have a compact concert P.A. system, suitable for large pubs and small music venues.

Soundcraft EFX12 with Lexicon Effects, 16 channel mixer, t-Amp 800 driving one pair of Mackie C300z 12" speakers and one pair of 1x15" bass bins.
1 pair Laney 300w powered bass bins.
2 x Laney powered monitor wedges.
Shure SM58'S / SM 57's, Beyer M300'S, AKG D40's, AKG D112.
Stage lighting available on request.

The P.A. is loud for its size and works well in a variety of venues.
Prices vary, depending on how many bands on the bill and travelling distances involved.

Please phone or email for a quote.
(Sound engineer is included)
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